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About Dream Homes of Cabo

Cass Hania aka CaboCass

Contact Phones:

Cellular from US/Canada -011-52-1-(624) 129-5853
Cellular from Cabo- 044 -(624) 129-5853
Office phone from US/Canada - 1-800-403-6597 ext 211
Office phone from Mexico - 01 624-142-2983

E-mail: cabocass@dreamhomeofcabo.com

Role in the Organization: Real Estate Sales Agent

Real Estate Experience(s): RealEstate Agent in Seattle since ’91, Mortgage Broker since 2003, Private investor since 2000, Real Estate Magazine Publisher 2000-2005

Organizational Memberships : AMPI, Los Cabos MLS.

Personal Interests and Passions: My family, Roadtrips,fishing

Born on the North American Frontier. I worked my way around the Pacific Northwest on horseback and selling real estate to Americans. I took a steamer to Japan, Philippines, and Australia with one side trip to Cabo, Mexico, until retuning and meeting my bride on the beaches of Puget Sound. About 10 moons later and 3 children later we hitched up the oxen and horses and covered wagon and headed south until land ended here in Cabo, Mexico. I now have the pleasure of showing my clients around lands end in a real A-U-T-O-M-O-B-I-L-E. We have retired the Oxen and the horses and children run free. So if you are interested in your own spread on the Land’s End frontier. Give me a call on the T-E-L-E-P-H-O-N-E-Y.

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Dream Homes of Cabo Downtown:
B-1 Mijares esq. Manuel Doblado
San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico
Toll Free: 1-800-403-6597
011-52 624-142-6333
Fax: 011-52 624-142-6343
Dream Homes of Cabo El Zalate:
Km 28 Carr. Transp. 1
San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico
Toll Free: 1-800-403-6597
Office: 011-52 624-142-2983
Fax: 011-52 624-142-5898
Dream Homes of Cabo Cresta del Mar:
Km 6.5 Carr. Transp. 1
Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexico
Toll Free: 1-800-403-6597
Office: 011-52 624-145-8630
Fax: 011-52 624-104-3224
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